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Fluid Transformation‭ (‬·)

Cost:‭ ‬1‭ ‬Wisp

Dice Pool:‭ ‬Manipulation‭ ‬+‭ ‬Subterfuge‭ ‬+‭ ‬Illusion

Action:‭ ‬Instant

You alter the appearance of a your Regalia or mundane garb to look like anything you wish,‭ ‬and you can make minor alterations to your face,‭ ‬height and weight.‭ ‬It's not enough to look like a specific person,‭ ‬unless maybe that person is a sibling,‭ ‬but you can generally use this power in order to look like someone who belongs where you want to go‭ ‬--‭ ‬a doctor,‭ ‬a cop,‭ ‬the janitor.‭ ‬The new appearance of Regalia can be obviously magical or mundane,‭ ‬at your choice.‭ ‬The altered transformation lasts for one scene.‭

‭If your Inner Light is 3 or higher, you may cast this Charm on any willing individual. If you cast it on someone who isn't a Transformed Princess, it takes a -3 penalty.

‭Figment (‬··)

Cost:‭ ‬1‭ ‬Wisp

Dice Pool:‭ ‬Wits‭ ‬+‭ ‬Science‭ ‬+‭ ‬Illusion vs.‭ ‬Wits ‬+‭ ‬Investigation

Action:‭ ‬Instant

You create a momentary illusory image with accompanying sound, lasting no longer than one turn per success. Onlookers are entitled to contest your roll with Wits + Investigation; if they exceed your activation successes, they see the image as illusory. The image has no substance and cannot deal damage, and has a maximum size of 10.

If your Inner Light is 4 or higher... this Charm can be cast silently with no penalty? It can deal bashing damage to people, maybe?

Dim‭ (‬···)

Cost:‭ ‬1‭ ‬Wisp

Dice Pool:‭ ‬Manipulation‭ ‬+‭ ‬Stealth‭ ‬+‭ ‬Illusion vs.‭ ‬Wits‭ ‬+‭ ‬Inner Light

Action:‭ ‬Instant

Invisibility would seem like one of the most basic spells there is‭ ‬--‭ ‬vampires,‭ ‬wizards,‭ ‬ghosts,‭ ‬and changelings all seem to have no problem with it,‭ ‬and if there are mummies they can probably do it too.‭ ‬But using the power of emotion and tapping into the Light of Hope makes it tricky to make you invisible, it's quite hard to actually bend light around your form.‭ ‬What it can do,‭ ‬is make something dim.

This Charm may be cast on yourself, willing individuals, or objects of size 6 or smaller in order to hide them in plain sight like  a purloined letter. Being dim doesn't make the target impossible to see,‭ ‬it makes you very difficult to notice.‭ ‬An onlooker might see you,‭ ‬but ignore you the same way he might ignore any completely inconsequential thing that he expects to be present.‭ ‬This Charm doesn't actually change what you look like,‭ ‬only how people react to it‭ ‬--‭ ‬you won't appear as a cardboard box,‭ ‬but people might not pay any more attention to you than a cardboard box sitting on the floor.‭

Onlookers are entitled to a reflexive Wits‭ ‬+‭ ‬Inner Light roll to overcome this Charm, contested by your activation successes.‭ ‬If they fail,‭ ‬they pay your presence no mind‭ ‬--‭ ‬but if you perform an action that obviously calls attention to yourself,‭ ‬they are entitled to another roll,‭ ‬and if you attempt to interact with them the effect automatically ends‭; ‬otherwise it lasts for one minute for each dot of Inner Light you have.

Recording devices,‭ ‬such as cameras,‭ ‬will still record your presence,‭ ‬but the quality of the recording will be very fuzzy and low-definition:‭ ‬a video camera will just show the entire frame as a blur of color,‭ ‬a thermal imaging scope sees a uniform warm-ish area,‭ ‬an audio recorder will record your voice as sounding like the adults on‭ "‬Peanuts‭"‬.

If your Inner Light is 4 or higher, you can use this effect to become truly invisible. Invisibility costs 1 additional Wisp and has half the duration, but you can perform actions that would call attention to yourself if you were merely dim without fear of breaking the invisibility. Attacking someone still causes the effect to end immediately.

‭Magic Stage (‬····)

Cost:‭ ‬2‭ ‬Wisps

Dice Pool:‭ ‬Intelligence‭ ‬+‭ ‬Expression‭ ‬+‭ ‬Illusion vs.‭ ‬Intelligence‭ ‬+‭ ‬Investigation

Action:‭ Extended, each roll is 1 minute.

You create an extended illusory scene that can withstand some degree of scrutiny.‭ ‬The illusion is solid,‭ ‬in a sense‭ ‬--‭ ‬it has the illusion of mass,‭ ‬such that it can be touched and felt,‭ ‬but it has a Structure and Durability of 0 and vanishes in a flash if struck with force.‭ Each success in casting this Charm allows you to create 5 Size worth of illusory material to fill the scene, taking any form your imagination can conceive‬.‭ The illusory scene produces sound if you wish it to, and you may only place illusions where you can first see them (though they may move out of your line of sight later)

Onlookers who physically interact with the images are entitled to contest your casting roll with their Wits‭ ‬+‭ ‬Investigation to notice they are unreal.‭ C‬omplex actions ‭ (‬two illusions fighting,‭ ‬an illusionary computer's responses,‭ ‬a symphony accompanying a dancing spray of color‭) ‬require you to maintain concentration‭; ‬otherwise,‭ ‬the illusionary figures remain still.‭ ‬Simple or repetitive actions,‭ ‬or an illusion that doesn't need to move‭ (‬a large rock‭)‬,‭ ‬do not require concentration to maintain.‭ The illusions last for a scene, but you may prepare them ahead of time to activate within 2 days.

‭If your Inner Light is 5 or higher, the illusions may be "programmed" ahead of time so that they can respond to events without your concentration, and you can place illusions in areas you can't see so long as they are within 100 yards. This power gives no ability to perceive those areas, so you should at least have a general idea of where your illusion is going!

Familiarity‭ (‬·····)

Cost:‭ ‬2‭ ‬Wisps,‭ ‬1‭ ‬Willpower

Dice Pool:‭ ‬Presence‭ ‬+‭ ‬Socialize‭ ‬+‭ ‬Illusion vs.‭ ‬Composure‭ ‬+‭ ‬Inner Light

Action:‭ ‬Instant

Upon meeting someone,‭ ‬you trick their minds into treating you as someone they know well.‭ ‬Unlike the vampire Discipline‭ "‬The Familiar Stranger‭"‬,‭ ‬you do not assume the image of another person‭; ‬rather,‭ ‬if the target fails to overcome your successes on his Composure‭ ‬+‭ ‬Inner Light roll,‭ ‬he acts as if they've known you for a good while and you are somewhat close friends.‭ ‬You don't have any control over what the targeted individual will do a for a friend,‭ ‬but upon casting you can influence how the target thinks he knows you‭ ‬--‭ ‬extended family member,‭ ‬good neighbor,‭ ‬old schoolmate,‭ ‬buddy from work,‭ ‬et cetera.‭

‭If your Inner Light is 6 or higher, I can't think of anything appropriately big for this power. Maybe it could be switched with the 4-dot Charm?


I don't really like this Charm, it trivializes friendship and doesn't really fit the theme. Do I move Magic Stage here, and if I do, what goes in at 4?



Tricky: When you cast the Charm, it will appear to have failed regardless of whether or not it succeeds. (When you add this Invocation, you can use any word in place of "Tricky", otherwise it would give it away.)

Bonus: Something that adds +2 to the Charm when a certain condition is met.

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