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Page history last edited by Huitzil 10 years ago

The Source charm isn't made yet. It will probably focus on matter and space and such stuff.


"Then in the new Source tree, we have "summon objects" like the old Kensai, but applied to all types of equipment; the IL upgrade could allow you to create simple objects. 2-dot is a bubble shield like the old Aegis tree; these are usually made by more mystic or magic-oriented characters anyway, not dedicated fighters. 3-dot is the ability to open portals to places as an extended action, using sympathy -- except for portals to Alhambra, which open in one round and have no sympathy penalty because A: they have it set up so their agents can get quick getaways and B: I think Alhambra should be accessible to players even if they aren't attacking it. The IL upgrade would let you fling portals around in your line of sight, emulating Saga of Soul (written by our own sun_tzu) or the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, which can be used in all kidns of creative ways. 4-dot I am thinking some kind of alter-area effect, like a Territory from the Sensui arc of Yu Yu Hakusho, or some of the Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, or some of the bankai effects from Bleach -- a power you activate that changes the rules somehow when operating in a given area around you. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the effect should be yet, since it can't be something too specific and limiting (the blind guy's bankai where he makes everyone in an area deaf and blind works great for him, but would be way too limiting as the only area-alteration Charm you get). Maybe there can be a list of powers you can choose from, or customize it like Legno 5's Sacred Grove Charm. Source 5 would either summon a powerful and helpful Dreamlands entity, Final-Fantasy style, or swap places with it (Final Fantasy XII style). Maybe 4 and 5 could be switched around."

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