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Callings are the 'X-splats' of Princess, representing the fundamental way the individual Princess brings hope to the world.


A character's Calling determines which Oaths are part of her Belief, what Duties she performs to regain Wisps, and which of the five Calling-exclusive Charms she may access, and allows her to purchase two other Charms at a reduced cost.


The five Callings are:

  • Champions : Defenders of the weak and helpless.
  • Graces : Elegant and noble, the voices and diplomats of the Reborn.
  • Menders : Those who take wounded flesh and wounded hearts and make them whole.
  • Seekers : Hunters of truth, banishers of lies, revealers of the hidden.
  • Troubadours : Artists and exemplars who inspire greatness in others.


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