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"Be light for the world."

If the Cataclysm taught the world anything, it was how to lie. Mortals now wrap themselves in an armor of denial and half-truths to save themselves from humiliation and risk, to appease the majority and avoid the uncomfortable thoughts that keep them up at night. People can't save the world if they can't even save themselves and they can't save themselves if they don't even know how they are.

Graces are the maidens of revelation. In ages past, they were philosophers, priestess, and aesthetics who probed the in-most secrets of existence. They walked between the Astral Courts and prophetized fearlessly in humble villages and grand halls alike. Even in the Kingdom they were greeted with an combination of trepidation and discomfort – but none would deny their powerful words. Now they continue their duty, although muted, in the modern world. Graces force those around them to look inside and confront what they find there. They are not malicious and they are not cruel – they know there can be pain, but they only want to show everybody what they can already see: the golden light that could shine in all of humanity.

Graces are people people. They like to know people, they like to hear about people, they like to be around people, and they like when people are people. Nothing pains them so much as someone denying their own humanity. Others would describe them as “intrusive” or “presumptuous” – always nosing into other people's business and offering advice when none is solicited. A Grace might be written off as naive or idealistic, for all her proselytizing about honestly. They due tend to be outspoken and emotional. They never restrain themselves from speaking what's on their mind or in their heart – and might be no strangers to embarrassment because of it.






Graces dream of fantastic journeys across the world, witnessing moments of beauty and love unique to civilizations they've never even dreamed of. They walk in the shadows of Divine Idols and sit at the feet of Holy Teachers whose mysterious but weighty words seem to hold all the solutions to their problems, if they could just decipher them. But as the wind turns cold and the stars fall from the sky, the people turn into silent shadows who drift about in a monochrome haze and everywhere she travels is the same unending dusk.






Graces have affinity for the DestinySalvation and Twining Charms.  Only Graces may learn Destiny.

Starting Graces get one transformed Attribute dot in either Presence or Composure.






Graces recover their magic whenever they convince someone to open up and act on their virtuous impulses, instead of suppressing them out of fear or shame. This covers situations such as convincing an addict to seek out help, easing the anger between antagonistic relatives, getting a classmate to study for her own sake instead of cheating, or even just helping someone act on their crush.






First Oath: Stand besides your wards. A Grace may not simply tell the uncomfortable truth and then run away while others bear the brunt of the fall out. She must stand besides those she would aid through-out the pain she might cause and do all she can to lead them out of it. Even if they reject the Grace out of anger, she cannot abandon them until she knows they have found their peace.

Second Oath: Two wrongs do not make a right. Subterfuge is unacceptable when showing others their hypocrisy. People cannot be tricked into doing the right thing or seeing what's in-front of them. The path counts as much as the destination.

Third Oath: Tell no lies. A Grace must be open in all things, in all aspects of her life. She must be an open book for others to read. Although she does not have to go out of her way to bare all her secrets to the world, if pressed, she must admit the whole truth and tell her questioners what they want to know.



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