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"Remember for those who forgot."

The desire to know is universal human trait, embedded in the heart and soul and genetic code of every man and woman on the planet. What isn't common is the will to keep chasing after those answers when things start getting dangerous. That's what sets the Seekers apart. In their previous lives, Seekers were the detectives, scientists, and scholars of the Kingdom. Their dreams of the Kingdom are filled with colleges where the secrets of the universe are revealed and cities where no lie is uttered and not even the smallest misunderstanding is present to obscure the truth. When they dream of the Cataclysm, they see grand libraries and academies burned to the ground, and lies entwined with lies in a web of deception so deep that even the most fundamental truths are uncertain.

Seekers are a varied bunch. Many Seekers act like detectives or journalists, ferreting out crime and deception from the communities under their protection. Others resemble the scientist-heroes or adventurer-archaeologists of the pulp era, braving danger and using the secrets they discover to fight evil and better the world. Some Seekers act as stoic guardians of Things Man was Not Meant to Know, keeping forbidden knowledge out of unworthy hands. A few are tricksters, walking paradoxes who use deception to befuddle their enemies and unearth hidden things. But no matter how they approach their duty, all Seekers share the common goal of unearthing hidden secrets and more importantly, using those secrets to make the world a better place.

Seeker often prioritize mental attributes to aid them in their search for the truth. Resolve is prized by all Seekers to keep searching after the truth despite hardship or weariness. Wits, Larceny, and Investigation are prioritized by Seekers who favor classic detective work, along with Manipulation, Empathy, and Persuasion to tease the truth out of reluctant witnesses or suspects. Those who were scientists or scholars before Blossoming often possess high Intelligence. Subterfuge comes in handy when a Seeker needs to investigate things without creating suspicion.









Seekers have affinity for the VeritasArete and Illusion Charms.  Only Seekers may learn Veritas.

Starting Seekers get one transformed Attribute dot in either Wits or Dexterity.











First Oath: I will never allow someone to be harmed by or through ignorance. If I don't find the information people need to keep themselves safe and whole, I am not doing my job.
Second Oath: I must never lie for personal gain. Even if I acknowledge that blabbing about the supernatural would be a bad idea to people who aren't ready, I have an obligation to the Truth and I shouldn't misuse it just to help myself.
Third Oath: I should never accept an incomplete understanding of anything in my life. It's not enough to know THAT something is true, but WHY. Well, I should at least be paying attention when the mechanic explains why my car broke down.






Champions: I understand how you feel, but punching people isn't the solution.
Troubadours: Stop prattling on about art and actually do something.
Graces: If only they asked any questions that actually mattered...
Menders: I admire your dedication, but you're treating the symptoms, not the disease.
Vampires: Friggin' lying bastards hurting people and lying all over the friggin' place. I hate them.
Werewolves: Great sources of lore if you convince them not to bite your head off.
Mages: All that knowledge, all that power, and all they do is squander it.

Mortals: People have been lying to you your whole lives. I'm gonna put an end to that, just you wait and see.






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