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Queens are the "Y-Splat" of Princess, representing which archetypal leader of the Kingdom the Princess is closest to and receives guidance from in her dreams. They are named as if after suits of a deck of tarot or playing cards.

The Queen a Princess follows is an indicator of what method she prefers in the War of Hope, and determines the attributes she can boost with Practical Magic. Each Queen also gives her followers an affinity to an elemental Charm.

The five Queens available to player characters are:

  • Leaves: The Queen of Wilds leads the coven of Princesses who seek harmony with nature and draw strength from the natural world.
  • Lights : The Queen of Lights leads the conclave of progressive-minded Princesses who believe in constantly adapting and refining the Kingdom's techniques.
  • Hearts : The Queen among Queens leads the court of Princesses with a strong traditionalist background who seek to bring back the Kingdom in form as well as spirit.
  • Masks: The Queen of Knaves leads a confederacy of winking scoundrels and good-hearted rogues who believe the best application of the rules is to break them.
  • Swords : The Queen of the Lost leads the company of Princesses who believe that the best methods are the direct ones, that subtlety and subterfuge are luxuries of a happier time.

There are two additional Queens unavailable to player characters, as their goals are diametrically opposed to that of the protagonists, and each other:

  • Tears : The Despairing Queen leads a dark contingent of Princesses in service of Alhambra, the last city of the Kingdom, impossibly still standing as a bastion of light within the very heart of Darkness. Her followers harvest the hope and joy from the world, sucking away our dreams to buy another day of life for the Grand City -- a life none of them pretend is happy or worthwhile, but one that must be maintained because the alternative is too terrifying to contemplate.
  • Storms : The Burning Queen is a being utterly consumed by her rage at the depredations of the darkness, and all thought, mercy, and virtue is incinerated by her white-hot fury. Her Princesses and servants are living vessels of pure Fury, so single-minded in their pursuit of punishment and revenge that they are blind to the sorrow and ruined lives they leave in their wake.



Courtless Princesses


Princesses who follow no Queen are rare, but they do exist. They lack affinity to any elemental Charm. They aren't completely deprived of Practical Magic, though. When making a courtless Princess, choose one of her Attributes; she can add dice to rolls based on that Attribute, spending 1 Wisp for each die added.



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