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"The world speaks to us. Have you ever stopped to listen?"


Nickname: Wilds


Imagine a world where nature and civilization are one. Where people have finally realized they are a part of nature and have embraced it. Where the natural world is not dismissed, but respected and understood. That world, that vision, is the dream of the Queen of Leaves and the dream of her followers.

The Queen of Leaves and her followers believe that the best way to revive the kingdom is to get humanity to respect and understand nature, and embrace their place in it. Wilds understand something that most of humanity has forgotten: humanity is a part of nature, and no matter what it does humanity will always remain a part of nature. Their goal isn’t to make humanity return to nature. It’s to get people to realize humanity never left. If humanity destroys the natural world, they’ll destroy themselves in the process.

Naturally-inclined Graces often follow the Queen of Leaves. Many become environmentalists of one stripe or another, pushing to create parks, starting recycling programs, and generally make people more aware and sensitive to their impact on the world around them. Other Graces take a more direct route and teach the philosophy of the Queen of Leaves to as many people as they can, trying to spread the idea that the world of humanity and the world of nature are one and the same. Troubadour Wilds are frequently fascinated with the majesty of the natural world and try and bring that beauty to others through their work. Conversely, other Troubadours become Wilds through the rejection of the ugly, gray vistas often created by pollution or industry. Menders that see the harm pollution causes both to the natural world and the people who live in it often become Wilds in order to sooth the pain they see at the source. Scientifically-minded Seekers throw themselves into green technologies, seeing if father science can’t lend Mother Nature a hand. Other Seekers delve into the lore of the Spirit wilds, the hidden half of the natural world, and try and use the lore they find to shape and heal the spirit community around them. Champions who exult and understand the vital thrill of the natural world sometimes become wilds. They’re the least likely to follow the Queen of Leaves, but they form the militant arm of the Wilds, bringing violence when words, art, healing, and lore all fail to deter an opponent determined to bring ruin to the wilderness.

A Wild’s duties often focus on protecting the natural world bringing nature into the lives of those around her. Champions volunteer as park rangers, plant trees, and clear away old industrial wreckage. Troubadours paint magnificent scenes of forests, plains, oceans, and rivers. Others plant beautiful gardens filled with flowers. Menders pick up trash, clean away pollution, and treat people ill from smoke, polluted living conditions, or chemical waste. Seekers replace wasteful technology with more efficient and nature-friendly versions, dig out crimes and conspiracies that harm the natural world, educate people on ways to help the environment, and occasionally drive away a malicious spirit hanging over an area. Graces start protests, organize local environmentalist clubs, and change the laws to lessen their community’s impact upon the natural world.

Wilds tend to be contemplative sorts. Even those that burst with the vital energy of life are often introspective, thinking of humanity’s place in nature and their own place within both. Some Wilds flow with the people around her, not opposing them but slowly guiding them towards a better, healthier attitude and lifestyle. Others are unyielding, standing against whatever is thrown at them like an ancient oak and slowly increasing the pressure until their opponents give way. Many Wilds treat their communities like gardens, pruning away harmful aspects while patiently coaxing the good parts to grow until the entire community stands strong, healthy, and in harmony. Some Hopeful claim this slow, steady approach takes too long, but the Wilds retort that that since a community is a living thing, by treating it like one they make it the best it can be.

In their Transformed state, Wilds tend to be more subdued than other Princesses. White, green, and blue are common colors, although occasionally red, orange and yellow make appearances for those with an autumn theme. Ivy and leaf motifs are also common, with water themes being only slightly less popular. Outfits tend toward the elegant or practical, either suffused with natural harmony or well suited to working in the rough wilds.

In their mundane state, a Wilds echo tends to give people feeling of serenity. People feel calm and peaceful around the Princess, as if her mere presence somehow brings the world into greater harmony. Wilds often dress in tough, practical clothing and quiet, matching colors that neither jump out at onlookers nor make the Princess blend into the background. In a way, a Princess in her mundane form will stand out because she seems so much more a part of the world around her than those around her.

All Wilds put at least some effort toward keeping themselves fit, meaning most have at least average physical attributes. Wilds are also tough and unyielding in both mind and body, resulting in high Resistance attributes. Many Wilds make a point of familiarizing themselves with nature, so skills such as Survival and Animal Ken are common. Athletics come in handy during hiking, swimming, climbing, and otherwise navigating around in the wilderness (or at least the state park). Wilds who wish to convince others to embrace the natural world often pick up Persuasion and Expression, while those who have a theoretical understanding of nature often possess Science. Wilds interested in spirits often pick up Occult. Those who are interested in how humanity lived before the rise of modern civilization occasionally pick up a dot or two in Academics. Champions who fancy themselves hunters (although they never hunt for sport) and modern-day woodsmen pick up Firearms, often specializing in bows or rifles.
Wilds get along best with Hearts. The Hearts' gentle nature and the Wilds' quiet, unyielding strength often complement each other well, and such pairs often form the hearts of Hopeful nakamas. Wilds also get along fairly well with the Lights, often to the surprise of both groups. The cleanness, efficiency, and sustainability that Lights often search for in their technologies is often admired by the Wilds, and many Lights can’t help being fascinated the sublime system that is nature. Wilds don’t work quite as well with Knaves. Wilds find the flamboyant and impulsive nature of the Knaves irritating and disruptive, and often consider them foolish or ignorant. The Sword’s penchant for fast, overwhelming force runs counter to the passive, stoic tactics preferred by the Wilds, creating friction between the two groups.




Practical Magic


Whether in your Transformed or normal state, you may spend Wisps to add to dice pools involving your Resistance attributes -- Stamina, Resolve and Composure -- on a one-for-one basis.






Wilds have an affinity for the Terra Charm.








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