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"Nobody ever made art by coloring inside all the lines."


Nicknames: Knaves, Confederates


The third oldest of the Coalitions, the Confederacy of the Queen of Thieves are of the general opinion that people take things far, far too seriously. If people just sat back one in a while and just laughed, they’d be a lot happier. A little laughter keeps people from obsessing on a single thing and letting the rest of the world rot. And if you laugh at the darkness, it doesn’t seem quite as scary.

As befits an organization of tricksters and thieves, the Confederacy is a loose, decentralized organization. Status in the Confederacy is based on ability and respect, and if there’s any formal hierarchy, nobody can tell. Confederacy meetings are so chaotic that they’re often mistaken for parties, and indeed there's little difference between the two.

The Confederacy has a reputation for being a collection of irreverent fools, and there’s some truth in that. The followers of the Queen of Thieves often have a seemingly flippant attitude toward danger, something that annoys allies and enemies alike. Still, the Confederacy is as dedicated as any other Coalitions. They're the rebel leaders and good hearted rogues of the Hopeful, battling petty tyrants and brining change to stagnant societies. They break the rules to show others how stupid those rules are.
Members of the Confederacy are free spirits, one and all. Some follow their own code of ethics and refuse to let anyone else dictate their actions, while others define themselves by their defiance of an existing order. A Hopeful of the Queen of Thieves may follow another leader out of admiration or respect, but many Confederates harbor a reflexive dislike for authority figures. The Confederates also tend to be among the most flamboyant of the Hopeful, performing grand acts of defiance and epic pranks on a fairly regular basis.


Imagine a world filled with laughter. Where every trick and misfortune has a lesson. Where evil is mocked and jibed and stripped of its power to instill fear in the hearts of men. That is the dream of the Queen of Spades and her followers.

The Knaves believe the world as a whole takes everything to seriously. They question wisdom and custom, rebel against authority, and play the jester and the fool for society. Some knaves are rebels, attacking oppressive authority figures and organizations. Other are tricksters, defying and testing tradition and confounding malice through deceptions. A few are jesters, making people laugh at the darkness and their own faults, dispelling fear and getting people to accept hard truths with humor.
All Callings find reasons to follow the Queen of Masks. Troubadour comedians and satirists use their art to make cutting jibes about the faults and follies of society and those in power. Champion vigilantes patrol the streets as professors in the school of hard knocks. Seekers act as trickster-detectives, seeking the truth regardless of mortal law and trapping more malicious scoundrels in nets of their own lies. Menders who focus on mental and social health also sometimes become Knaves with hopes of using deception and trickery to clear of the nerousises, denial, and other psychological problems, especially those that come as a result of an oppressive environments. Graces are perhaps the least likely to become Knaves because of their focus on the truth, but those who do often become the fiercest rebels among the knaves, dedicating their lives to tearing down tyrants, oppressive organizations, and the miserable, evil philosophies that both propound.




Practical Magic


Whether in your Transformed or normal state, you may spend Wisps to add to dice pools involving your Finesse attributes -- Dexterity, Wits and Manipulation -- on a one-for-one basis.






Knaves have an affinity for the Aria Charm.






Psiren (Fullmetal Alchemist), Saint TailBlack Cat.


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