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She never abandoned her people, for all the good it did her. She stood on the front lines, sword in hand, meeting wave after wave of the monsters with righteous fury that cleaved all who opposed her in two with her very gaze. She stood alone in a whirlwind of carnage. When her last opponent fell to the ground, the Queen looked up and realized she was alone. All who had stood with her were dead. They had protected nobody. The shattered kingdom lay all around her like a bloated corpse. The last human thing in the Queen died and she screamed. She shrieked. She roared. She thundered. Her cry became a great wind and her body burst. Lightning melted through her eyes and her blood scattered into rain. The Queen grew into a great storm that scoured the land. The last refugees, the last wandering men and women -- they recognized still the royal power of the Queen and supplicated before the storm as if it were a god. The Storm Queen sucked them up and tore them apart in her maelstrom.

The very few who remained were reborn as angels of her fury. Overcome by her glory, they leave the Heaven of her body and travel down into the world to evangelize her screams. They wish for all to understand the gospel of rage and let loose their most primal hatred. They see nothing more pure than the release of pain, nothing that honors the Kingdom more than the anger of the frustrated. The sad, frail, fallen world must be made to pay and be reborn only after it sets its own pyre. They carry the scream and the scream shall set you free.




Nickname: Furies


Princesses who follow the Burning Queen, in either Transformed or mundane state, may spend Wisps to add dice to any roll, on a 2-for-1 basis.




Thunderous Orisons


Those sworn to the Burning Queen have passed down knowledge of specialized Orisons that carry her fury.



Ultimate Fidelity (****)

Cost: 1 Willpower dot

Dice Pool: Resolve + Composure

Action: Extended; each roll is 1 minute, target number is 11 - Belief/Morality

The original Sworn Guard and the One-Who-Became-Storms had sworn this oath when they stood before the gates of the last city of the Kingdom, alone against the hordes of the Darkness. And they retain it. The Alhambrans know nothing of it; why would those treacherous curs know anything about loyalty or devotion? This was an oath of the Army of the Kingdom, not the soft weaklings who betrayed it from within. Outside observers suspect that the Goalenu Ban may have evolved from this Orison, baked into their very essence by their death in its service.

When performing the Orison, the individual declares a Cause. This may be anything that can be described in a sentence or so, consisting of an end-goal that is important to the character. For example, "Kill the six-fingered man who killed my father" is a valid target, while "Buy some milk from the shops" is almost certainly not. The individual repeats these words over and over again, drumming them until they become all-consuming. The Cause is ready when the scars blossom across their chest, spelling out their Cause for all who would see.

The character may draw strength from their Cause. At the end of each scene in which they performed an action to advance the Cause (so, finding a list of men with six fingers, finding which one he is, finding where he lives, watching his routines, breaking into his house, and attacking him would all be actions which would benefit from this), they benefit as if they had fulfilled their Vice. In addition, they will not be dissuaded. They double their appropriate Resistance Attribute against any attempts, whether mundane or supernatural, to prevent them from fulfilling the Cause; this covers things like torture, which would double their Stamina, just as much as Composure might be used against magical mind-control or attempts to persuade them otherwise.

The Cause consumes those who have willingly sworn it. When faced with a choice between advancing or fulfilling the Cause, or taking another action, the character rolls Resolve + Composure. If they fail, they may perform the other action. If they succeed, they must continue with the Cause, and ignore the other situation, even if it would seem to be more important to an objective observer.

Once the Cause has been accomplished, the individual regains the Willpower dot they lost when swearing to it. If it becomes impossible to attain the Cause for any reason (say, the six-fingered man dies before they can get their revenge), not only do they not regain the Willpower dot, they must roll Resolve + Composure, with each success inflicting one point of resistant aggravated damage, as their soul tears itself apart in coruscating flames that erupt from their mouths and burn at the tongue that swore an oath it could not uphold. An individual who dies because of this becomes a tattered ghost, but will not become a Goalenu, even if consumed by a necrophagic spirit. Instead, they drift empty and mindless, mindlessly lashing out at anything that comes near, until they are destroyed or their essence discorporates.



Witness to Dedication (**)

Prerequisite: Ultimate Fidelity

Cost: 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Resolve + Composure

Action: Instant

One with this Orison may seal another to a great cause. For each success rolled, the individual activating this Orison can give 1 other person who lacks Ultimate Fidelity access to one use of that Orison. Everyone affected by one use of Witness to Dedication must declare the same Cause. Targets who do not immediately begin the ritual of Ultimate Fidelity forfeit their chance. The individual activating this Orison may also activate Ultimate Fidelity for themselves, declaring the same Cause as the targets, but this is not actually required.



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